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Have you suffered multiple concussions?

Progress in brain injury research depends on having subjects to study. Since 2002, the Brain Injury Research Institute members have collectively examined more than 20 brains, including those of former NFL players Mike Webster, Justin Strzelczyk, Terry Long, and Andre Waters, as well as WWE wrestler Chris Benoit. We have established a brain and tissue bank which currently houses 20 brains for future research, and we can make use of any additional donations which we may receive. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a serious medical condition which affects not only professional athletes but also military personnel and others who are subjected to head impacts. Our goal is to contribute to the scientific understanding of CTE, with the purpose of improving efforts at prevention and treatment. If you have personally suffered multiple concussions, you may qualify for organ donation for the purposes of post-mortem examination and scientific research. Please contact us now to discuss your experiences and to find out whether you qualify.

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You don't have to donate a brain to assist us in furthering our research. You can become apart of the Brain Injury Research Institute's mission by assisting the funding of our cause today!

Brain Injury Research Institute - Brain Injury Research Institute
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