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Adrienne Simmons


Adrienne Simmons was born in Atlanta in 1976. She went to the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2000 where she majored in art and minored in Art History in 2003. She was recently studying to get her degree in education, Adrienne's dream was to be able to teach in public schools, her outstanding way of always seeing the positive side of things is what inspired this beautiful young fighter, she was not a fighter just because she actually practiced kickboxing, she was a fighter because she would fight for her dreams and she would fight for those who couldn't fight for theirs.

"So, I'll say again, you can do whatever you want to do. I wouldn't have decided to go into teaching if I thought we should throw people away like garbage. If you really want to do something and you have a bunch of a-holes in your life trying to discourage you, message me and I'll give you all my reasons for why I don't think you'll fail. And I'll hook you up with someone who can probably help you do it, because I'm lucky that way". - Adrienne Simmons .

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